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India Against Corruption (IAC) is a people's movement to demand comprehensive reforms of anti-corruption systems in India. Several eminent citizens have come together to force the Government of India to enact the Jan Lokpal Bill [1]. This initiative is supported by several eminent citizens of India including religious leaders, Right To Information Activists, social reformers and bureaucrats.

Strategy Against Corruption

Inspired from Hong Kong's Independent Commission Against Corruption[4] the leaders of the IAC initiative have prepared a draft Jan Lokpal Bill. The Jan Lokpal Bill provides for a strong, efficient and politically independent institutions, the Lokpal and the Lokayuktas for investigation of corruption charges against public officials and politicians. The bill also provides for time bound grievance redressal and speedy investigation.

In March 2011, the organization sent an open letter to PM Manmohan Singh and Haryana chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda for a CBI probe as recommended by Central government committee into "irregularities in the forest department", and into the harassment of IFS officer Sanjiv Chaturvedi.[5]

[edit] Anna Hazare's Role

Social worker Anna Hazare has declared to go on an indefinite fast starting 5th April, 2011 to persuade Government of India to introduce and Enact the Jan Lokpal Bill in place of the government proposed Lokpal Bill.

"I solemnly pledge that I would not vote for that party which does not pass Jan Lokpal or Lokayukta Bill drafted by Citizens wherever it is in power- either at center or at state level."
Vote for India Pledge

[edit] Vote Bank Against Corruption

The India Against Corruption initiative is creating a Vote Bank (Vote For India). They encourage Indian citizens to register on this website and take a pledge that they will not vote for a party which does not pass the Jan Lokpal bill.

[edit] Political Support

Several political parties have come to support the movement for Jan Lokpal Bill. Political leaders from different parties Sudhakar Reddy, A B Bardhan, Abani Roy (Left front), H D Devegowda (JDS) Mysora Reddy (TDP) and Jayant Chowdhry (RLD) signed a joint statement [6] indicating their support to the movement.

[edit] Jan Lokpal Bill

The Jan Lokpal Bill was drafted to counter the dilutions in the government sponsored Lokpal Bill. Main architect of the Jan Lokpal Bill is Shanti Bhushan.

[edit] Notable Participants



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