Gobind Dham











Location :-

9 Km from Railway Station.

5 Km from Bus Stand.

3 Km from Aerodrome.

1.5 Km from CAD Circle.

1 Km from Chamble Garden.

Shri Bhim Sen Sahani




          By the sake of god on the bank of river Chamble there is a very beautiful Govind Dham Temple installed. The Govind Dham foundation lad down by the remembrance of Late Mr. Govind Sen Sahani. Father of Mr. Bhim Sen Sahani.

            Govind Dham Is a Five Stories big temple. The ground Floor of Govind Dham temple has Garatri Mata installed with Sapat Rishi.

             On very first floor there is Radha Kishna temple. On second floor door step there is a god Ganpati statue mounted. On this floor there are God Ram with his Darbar members.

             Vishnu Mata Temple installed on the third floor.

              Last not the least you found a God Shiva and his family on the fifth floor.

            A big 18 feet tall statute Of Shri Hanuman installed on the north side of temple. He is looking in the temple on the second floor of Shri Ram Darbar.

The total area of the temple is 140 X 50 sq. feet. In this area a Satsang Bhawan of area 25x80 sq. feet in size developed.

                In Govind Dham Different holy programs are organized. Like Krishan Janmastami, Maha Shiv Raatri, Ganga Dasmi, etc. In each year of the month of July (Sarwan Mass) a seven day Ramayan or Bhagawat Program are organized.

Gobind Dham, Near Chamble Rest House,

Kishorepura, Kota (Raj.) - 324007

Ph. : 2500890, Mob. : 94141-79890


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