Kansua Temple

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If you visit Kota, you shall be amazed by its scenic beauty. Kota is   also famous for its religious places which comprises of temples and   other places of worship. Of all the Temples in Kota, Kansua Temple, Kota   deserves special mention. It is a great site for Shaivaite pilgrim   tour. In spite of being a favorite amongst Shaivaite devotees, Kota's   Kansua Temple holds a lot of appeal to the other tourists as well. This   is perhaps due to the extraordinary structure of the Shiva Lingam   present inside the temple.
      The Temples in Kota were conquered by the Hada chieftain Rao Deva. But   during the reign of Jahangir, who had been a deep admirer of   architectural works, paintings and other art forms, these temples were   gifted to the Mughals by Madho Rao, the son of Rao Deva. Since the city   of Kota is replete with abundant quantity of stone idols of various   shapes and forms, gold stained glass works on the walls of the temples,   silver mirror works embellishing the beauty and marvelous wall   paintings, Jahangir accepted the ownership of Kota quite gladly.   Therefore, you can also find a huge number of Mughal Paintings and   Architectures over here.

Introduction to Kansua Temple Kota
Kansua Temple in Kota truly deserves a praise from the holiday makers who come from every nook and corner of the country to know about the place. No one is left secluded from viewing the aura and grandeur of this temple. This Kansua Temple introduces a great Pilgrimage spot for Shaivaite pilgrim tour. The exceptional composition of the Shiva Lingam present inside the temple enhances its appeal among the adulators.

History of Kansua Temple
The evidences found related to history of the Kansua Temple are really very attention-grabbling. Entire places of worship in Kota were subjugated by the Hada head of clan named Rao Deva. But later on, at the time of Jahangirís supremacy who was a deep adulator of architectural works, paintings and some other distinct art forms were presented to the Mughals by Madho Rao, the young man of Rao Deva. Ever since the stone city of Kota is sated with plentiful amount of stone idols of various figures, gold blemished glass works on the murals of the temple, silver mirror works embossing the prettiness, the Mughal Emperor Jahangir accepted the possession of Kota quite willingly. Consequently, while walking through the passage, you will see numerous Mughal Paintings and architectures.

Description of Kansua Temple
Shiva Lingam that leading over the Kansua Temple is undeniably a fantastic expression and quintessence of human mind's eye. What shuns the onlooker is the magnificent imagery of Shiva Lingam with four heads carved out from stone. This pilgrimage tour to Kansua Temple is whispered to be a golden attainment for any pilgrim. Even if you step in the premises of the temple without a purpose, you are entitled to get the benedictions of Lord Shiva. However, the most conspicuous sight is of the fast flowing Chambal River which flows close by appears to wash the feet of the housed gods and goddesses in the temple.



Place of Worship


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