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Keshavrai Patan

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This temple becomes a "Mini Pushkar" on night of full moon in month of Kartika .This is big famous temple. In "Chhatrasal's Charitra" a book written by Vishwanath, it has been mentioned that Keshorai Patan was a place known as "Jumbu Marg Dham". This name is also found in "Harivansh Purana" & "Vau Purana" 

The town is famous for Keshavraj ji Maharaj or Lord Vishnu which lies on bank of the Chambal river. It was built in 1601 by Maharaja Shatru Sal of Bundi. The architecture and sculptures of temple are unique. The town is 20km from the well known education hub of India, KOTA. Mratunjaya Mahadev temple is another important shrine of the town. The temple is one of the oldest temples of Rajasthan. There is an oldJain temple too. Kalyanrai temple is old temple of Keshavraiji. Here is a Teela (Knoll in English) where many coins and many ancient things are found. There is "pandav shala" also located here. It is said that in exile period pandavs came here. Kartik Poornima, Bundi Utsav, Taijaji Ki Ghodi and Dhol Gyaras are some famous festivals in Keshoraipatan. Many devotees take a bath in the Chambal River during Kartik poornima and enjoy the kartik fair. Matra Hanuman ji temple and garden is also a very good place to visit. Municipality Elections were held and Current Chairman is Sukhdev Singh Sandhu from BJP (2015-2020). 

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