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About Society



Kota Doria Development Hadauti Foundation (KDHF) . . . 
. . is symbol of resurgence by the weaving community of Kota Doria, to revitalize their flailing craft, align it with modern market demands, to raise the quality to greater heights and combat the future’s challenges right now. All those who are related to Kota Doria manufacturing in the Hadauti region, are members of KDHF. It supports its members through its welfare, brand building and market promotion activities. It was formulated during the Cluster Development Programme of UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation) and is registered under the Societies Act, 1958 as a non-profit organisation. It has applied for the Geographical Indication and Common Trade Mark registration with the support of All India Artisans & Craft Workers Association (AIACA). All this is to ensure that authentic handmade fabric of assured quality reaches to each of the discerning consumers who buy this piece of heritage craft! The organisation is also setting up a raw material bank with NHDC’s support to ensure better quality yarns and dyes – chemicals for the weavers of the region.


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