Kota Doria Saree

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About Kota Doria


 The word ‘Doria’ signifies the skill, patience and hard work that transforms ‘Dora’ (plain natural cotton yarn) and natural silk into an exquisite fabric having a unique square-check pattern (locally known as “Khat”) lending it buoyancy, texture and sheerness. Perhaps the only plain weave having texture in it!





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About Kota Doria





How To Know The Real Kota Doria ?


  The real Kota Doria is soft to touch, with very little starch, yet it lends a serrated feel at the point where the cotton yarns are closer. It is not a papery kind of machine made fabric which is stiff and has a very even look. 

Since the fabric is woven by human hands on traditional pit looms, one can notice the sides of the fabric slightly uneven, irregular or having pin marks at irregular distances.


  If the backside of a motif is seen, the motif in a handmade fabric would not be having any loose ends which if pulled would simply come out. This denotes the longevity and value-for-money that only a handmade fabric can provide.


  As with all good things, the real test is not immediate but after a couple of washes. A real handmade Kota Doria would not let its ‘khats’ get distorted or the fabric getting loose and frayed. In fact, the more its is washed, the softer it becomes, more pronounced are its ‘khats’!


  The human touch of the fabric shows off in form of some knots, or a stray loose thread or may be a slight change in  the ‘khats’ across the length of the fabric. After all, its not a machine but a human hand!


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