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 Natural breast enlargement is an exciting phenomena that many women wanting larger breasts are turning to as alternatives to breast augmentation surgery. The first rule for greater success if you want to attain real and noticeable breast enlargement is to choose the right product. There are a slew of cheap, watered down herbal formulas out there right now that are a disappointing failure to most of their users.

Make sure you know the formula you take has at least a resonable success rate. There is no one natural breast enlargement formula that works on all women. Think of it as a medication. Not all medications have the same effects on all people, hence the wide variety of brands and formulas  available. Every person's body is different, and their body will respond differently to herbs and natural breast enalargement formulas, and take different amounts of time to respond positively.



Second, a good rule of thumb is to avoid any type of caffeine or stimulant - ESPECIALLY any type of fat burners or diet pills, as these will always decrease breast size, since the first place we usually lose weight is in the breasts. Same goes for carbonated beverages. Avoiding carbonation can enhance the effects of a natural breast enlargement regimen by not interfering with it's digestion and absorption.


Third, and perhaps most important, moderate to light breast massage. Pair this with a good external breast enlarging and/or enhancing formula like a cream or serum, and this really helps to jump start and encourage further breast tissue expansion. Many of these external natural breast enlargement formulas contain caffeine. This is OK! You only need to be concerned with avoiding drinking or eating caffeine. It will not affect any results when massaged into the skin.


Next, try to maintain a healthy, balanced diet while taking a natural breast enlargement pill. This helps to balance the hormones naturally, and will help promote breast growth by intensifying the effects of the breast enlargement formula. Hormonal imbalance is one of the primary reasons breast pills may not work as effectively on some women, so don't take any chances, and eat balanced meals with plenty of protein if this is not how you are already eating.

Also, you may want to supplement your diet with 1000 mg of vitamin C per day. Vitamin C actually helps to further absorption and utilization of natural breast enlargement preparations (of an herbal nature).


Lastly, try to keep your breasts as free from constraints (go bra-less) whenever possible. As with the light to moderate massage, this actually helps the breasts natural ability to expand in size by encouraging tissue growth free of constraining contraptions which can act as an inhibitor to healthy cell reproduction.

It is very important to take a natural breast enlargement product exactly as the creator of the product prescribes. They know their product the best, and they've formulated it to work a specific way, so any diet supplementation, times of day to take it, or lifestyle modifications they suggest should be adhered to as closely as possible to assure you are doing everything possible to make the product work for you.

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