Who the people involve in Sex Websites ?


Date : 26/06/05

Place : Kota

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Here Az stand for Arizona, NY stand for New York, FL stand for Florida, Tx stand for Texas, VA stand for Virginia, CA stand for California, NV stand for Nevada, NJ stand for New Jersey (All these are states of USA), Us for USA
Below we show a website creation date plus when these sites are updated and the websites expiration date. It means after expiration its open to every one to registered these name. But most of the sex sites are not expired and they are never hacked. 

Updated Date: 10-dec-2004
Creation Date: 30-mar-2002
Expiration Date: 30-mar-2012

Address: cyber heat inc
Cyber Heat Inc
6614 E Tanque Verde Rd.
City : Tucson, Az 85715
Country : US
Phone: 520 290 0910
Fax..: 520-327-5740
Email: domains@seekio.com\par

Sever Address.
CustName: Cyberheat Inc.
Address: 6614 E. Tanque Verde
City: Rancho Tucson
StateProv: AZ
PostalCode: 85715
Country: US

Updated Date: 12-oct-2004
Creation Date: 18-oct-2003
Expiration Date: 18-oct-2005

Registrant Contact:
Steve Dixon (mdre@mail.com)
Burbon Str45
London, London 63033
Sever Address
Address: 2101 Mill Rd
Address: Suite 106
City: Alexandria
StateProv: VA
PostalCode: 22314
Country: US


Updated Date: 25-may-2005
Creation Date: 25-jul-2004
Expiration Date: 25-jul-2006

Registrant Contact:
RegisterFly.com - Ref# 16417550
Whois Protection Service - ProtectFly.com (16417550.fly@spamfly.com)
Fax: +1.8456984014
P.O. Box 969
Margaretville, NY 12455

Sever Address :
OrgName: Everyones Internet, Inc. 
Address: 390 Benmar
Address: Suite 200
City: Houston
StateProv: TX
PostalCode: 77060
Country: US

Updated Date: 17-may-2004
Creation Date: 03-sep-2002
Expiration Date: 03-sep-2005

Registred :
Price Communications Inc.
Price Communications Inc.
3880 Lemon Street
Suite 205
Riverside, CA 92501-3667

Sever Address :
OrgName: SonetX 
Address: 6801 Lankershim Blvd. Suite 103
City: North Hollywood
StateProv: CA
PostalCode: 91605
Country: US

Updated Date: 14-apr-2005
Creation Date: 17-apr-2002
Expiration Date: 17-apr-2006
20423 STATE ROAD 7 SUITE 6-511
Server Address :
OrgName: CWIE, LLC 
Address: 1501 W. 17th Street
City: Tempe
StateProv: AZ
PostalCode: 85281
Country: US

Updated Date: 24-feb-2004
Creation Date: 05-mar-2000
Expiration Date: 05-mar-2006

Registrant Contact:
Fraud Recovery (fraudsters@fraud.com)
Fax: +1.6507568622
livingston, NJ 07039
Sever Address :
OrgName: Everyones Internet, Inc. 
Address: 390 Benmar
Address: Suite 200
City: Houston
StateProv: TX
PostalCode: 77060
Country: US

Updated Date: 22-apr-2004
Creation Date: 10-jul-2002
Expiration Date: 10-jul-2006

20423 STATE ROAD 7 SUITE 6-511
Server Address :
OrgName: CWIE, LLC 
Address: 1501 W. 17th Street
City: Tempe
StateProv: AZ
PostalCode: 85281
Country: US

Updated Date: 23-nov-2004
Creation Date: 22-dec-2003
Expiration Date: 22-dec-2005

Registered through: GoDaddy.com

Server Address :
OrgName: Webair Internet Development Inc 
Address: 333 Jericho Tpke
Address: Suite 200
City: Jericho
StateProv: NY
PostalCode: 11753
Country: US

Updated Date: 10-nov-2004
Creation Date: 14-feb-1998
Expiration Date: 13-feb-2006

Andy Woods
Dokweg 27B
IJmuiden, IJmuiden 1976
Phone: 847517178
Phone Code: 31 Netherlands

Server Address :
OrgName: ISPrime, Inc. 
Address: 25 Broadway
Address: 6th Floor, Suite #2
City: New York
StateProv: NY
PostalCode: 10004-1086
Country: US

Updated Date: 10-jul-2004\par
Creation Date: 11-jul-2000\par
Expiration Date: 11-jul-2006\par

Registrant Contact:
Elite Marketing Solutions, Inc
Elite Marketing Solutions, Inc (webmaster@elitemarketingsolutionsinc.com)
2764 Lake Sahara Drive Suite 111
Las Vegas, NV 89117

Server Address :
OrgName: ISPrime, Inc. \par
OrgID: IPRM\par
Address: 25 Broadway\par
Address: 6th Floor, Suite #2\par
City: New York\par
StateProv: NY\par
PostalCode: 10004-1086\par
Country: US\par

Updated Date: 19-may-2005
Creation Date: 15-may-2005
Expiration Date: 15-may-2006

Registrant Contact:
FMR Media (domains@fmrmedia.com)
P.O. Box 3124
Alhambra, CA 91803

Server Address :
CandidHosting Inc.
Address: 412 E. Madison Ave
City: Tampa
StateProv: FL
PostalCode: 33602
Country: US

After very hard work we get the person who working for sex websites and chat with us. Its shows that some 
people are involved in sending CD and PIC s. And its on about 10 $ only. In between chat he said he only use
license and copy write VCD and PIC but when we said "If u not intrested then i dont wants 2 make deal with you ! "
He agreed to take these CD and PIC. See below

m_l612 is using a different version of Yahoo! Messenger. Certain features may be unavailable. 
m_l612: Hi, Michael here from members-lounge.com
mahendrasingh197430: Hi Mahendra here let me know what time u log on.
mahendrasingh197430: send me message soon
m_l612: Aim here now
mahendrasingh197430: and what is the best time is 
mahendrasingh197430: hey
mahendrasingh197430: hi
m_l612: So u have some movies fro sale
mahendrasingh197430: wow that good we can chat with our business deal
mahendrasingh197430: ok
m_l612: So what kind of movies do you have en where are they from?
mahendrasingh197430: I ahve some good pic and movie
m_l612: Where do u have them from?
mahendrasingh197430: this is from where i tell you latter first i like to know how much you pay and how can v make business in future
mahendrasingh197430: Its my work
m_l612: The price depence on where they are from lenght and quality
mahendrasingh197430: Ok
mahendrasingh197430: What is the range of your deals !
mahendrasingh197430: in payment mode
m_l612: What ever u desire i can make the payments Wire epassporte paypal etc.
mahendrasingh197430: what happen ?? ?
mahendrasingh197430: ok
m_l612: Where are u from?
mahendrasingh197430: Let me know the range of midium quality VCD nd PIc ! Is you pay Payment for PIc , seperate or you pay only for VCD. U only show intrest in VCD !
mahendrasingh197430: I dont know about PayPal
m_l612: A medium VCD one hour it about 8$ including shipping 
mahendrasingh197430: What 8 $
m_l612: But i need to know where they are from
m_l612: the same about the photos who has copyright over them yiu?
m_l612: you even?
mahendrasingh197430: Which type of VCD have good rate ? I can make it for you ! 8 $ is very small amount .
m_l612: Well u could start telleing me where thay are from
m_l612: As i told you it all depence.....
mahendrasingh197430: ok
mahendrasingh197430: I have Delhi VCD 
mahendrasingh197430: of new copple
m_l612: so thay are shot i dehli?
mahendrasingh197430: ya
mahendrasingh197430: of new couple
mahendrasingh197430: ? ! what happen
m_l612: Who has the copyright over them..
m_l612: nothing happend
mahendrasingh197430: no one
m_l612: How long are thy? Lenght...
mahendrasingh197430: 40 min.
mahendrasingh197430: 40 minute
m_l612: And how meny do u have?
mahendrasingh197430: I have 3 more
m_l612: So 4 in all?
mahendrasingh197430: no seperate
m_l612: yes 4 cd's corect?
mahendrasingh197430: ya 4 cd
m_l612: And they are all 40 minutes in lenght?
mahendrasingh197430: no
mahendrasingh197430: 1 one hour & 2 30 min.
m_l612: Do you leve in dehli?
mahendrasingh197430: why u ask so ?
m_l612: Aim from denmark btw
mahendrasingh197430: what is btw ?
m_l612: nice to know where people are from
mahendrasingh197430: ok
m_l612: by the way
mahendrasingh197430: no I am from Panjab
m_l612: ok
mahendrasingh197430: u ?
m_l612: denmark
mahendrasingh197430: Its a country ? where u live in ?
m_l612: Yes its a country
m_l612: in the north on the planet, close to germany
mahendrasingh197430: what is name of urs city ? and address 
mahendrasingh197430: If u dont mind
mahendrasingh197430: i also want to know u !
mahendrasingh197430: as u said previous
mahendrasingh197430: ly
m_l612: Well i dident ask for your adress
mahendrasingh197430: ok
m_l612: But its in copenhagen
m_l612: But i will tell you if we make a deal ofcourse so u can send them to me
m_l612: Tell me about the photos how meny are there, is there a licens on them, are they in series?
mahendrasingh197430: Ok first i like to know you more and the payments ? In Cafe i said to the cafe boy to give me the address of the site owner. He do some thing and said u can mail to this person and he was sure the website owner. But u changed urs Id ? How can i satisfied and thurst you.
m_l612: How can i trust you...
mahendrasingh197430: ANd why u ask about the copy write and licens. Dont you know the pic u make in web are nude and they are not lic.. in India to show !
m_l612: Well normaly i only by photos withe livenc on that is normal..
mahendrasingh197430: And The VCD that i shoot is undercovered so i shoot them. If i shoot this in natural no one give me chance !
m_l612: Aim asking becuse i want to know what aim bying 
m_l612: And the reson i ask where they are from is becuse i will wount get into truble with them, is some one comes alond and say that it theres
mahendrasingh197430: what ??
m_l612: If you where going to bye something from someone u do not know. wodent u like to know where the person got the stuff from. so u wodent get into truble. Aim running a big and seriose website here.
m_l612: But the best thing to do is that u send me 2 movies i pay for them first. when i get the 2 movies i will send the payment for the 2 other movies. and u will then send them....that way we can se if we both are ohenst....people
mahendrasingh197430: Dear The site u run is xxx and in india is not approved and lic... I want to get my business more and get money more. So i chat with you. If u not intrested then i dont wants 2 make deal with you !
m_l612: I dident say i was not interrested, aim just curios of where they are from, people do download movies from other indian member sites and try to sell them to me
mahendrasingh197430: You pay only 8 $ its too small amount. I think i go some where alse to make deal !
m_l612: Forget it then.....i have other supplyes in indian and i never pay more than 10$
m_l612: ok cool 100$ is way to much for me, and i havent even seen them.
mahendrasingh197430: OOOO
mahendrasingh197430: so u wnat to see first ?
mahendrasingh197430: so you want to see first !
mahendrasingh197430: ? !
m_l612: I do not want to pay 100$ when i normaly pay 10$ 
m_l612: Ihave to go bye
mahendrasingh197430: hey stop
mahendrasingh197430: let me know the term and condition
mahendrasingh197430: Ok I can take 10 $ but its our first deal for further i am not sure about this payments
mahendrasingh197430: works
mahendrasingh197430: R u there ??? ???
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