Ranbanka Security


Ex-Serviceman Bahu Udhadayseya Sahakari Simiti Limited Kota (Raj.)

157, Shindi Colony, Vallabh Nagar, Kota (Raj)


Origin: 03 sep 1996- registered under cooperative act xiii of 1965. Under supervision of Dist. Collector and

Dist. Sainik  Adhikari of Kota.

Officials President    Col. S.S. Rathore



   Sub. R.K. Shrivastav

  Treasures    Sub. L.S. Bisht

Our Services


Security Guards (Dandaman)


Security  Gaurds (Gun  Man)


Female  employees  (Family  of  Ex-Servicemen)



Drivers for all types of vehicles.


Tradesman - Electrician, Motor Operators


Fire fighters, Computer Operators.


Medicals Assistants.



Our Strength Total Member- Approx 280 ex-servicemen excluding their wards



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