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Sorsan grassland, notified as a closed area, is about 45 kms. to the east of Kota city in southern Rajasthan. The grassland is surrounded by right bank main canal of the Chambal and the Parvan rivers which extends over 35 sq. kms., is a treeless area of deciduous bushes of jhar ber growing in patches on shallow soil. During monsoons, the grass and vegetative cover becomes an ideal habitat for  Black Buck, cheetal sambhar,  insects and consequently becomes a paradise for resident and migratory birds. Insectivorous birds like lark, shrike, bulbul, drongo, myna, oriole, flycatcher, babbler, chat, quail, partridge, robin, weaver bird and munia enrich the avifauna of Sorsan. The rich food supply and sunny days of Sorsan attract many varieties of migratory birds. Kashmir rollers can be seen in the month of October. Flocks of migratory lark, warbler, flycatcher, starling and rosy pastors arrive by October and stay till March.


But the main attraction for bird watchers at Sorsan is the Godawan - the great Indian bustard. It weighs eight to fourteen kgs. and stands 16" high. This tall, heavy bird can be seen walking with confidence and grace in the grassland. It lives in a family of five to eight but at times more birds can assemble on a breeding ground. The Godawan has been seen nesting in the Barda  area of the grassland as well as in Jawar fields of the cultivated areas.

Besides the birds found in the grassland, one can also see water birds in the canal, in river Parvan and in the lakes of Sorsan and Manpur village, saras crane and cattle egret are common near these lakes. Among the ducks and geese that come to these water bodies are pintail, common teal, ruddy shelduck, gadwall, shoveler, common pochard, barheaded goose, greylag goose etc.

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