Ranbanka Security


Mandu Complex, Agrasen Circle,

Nayapura, Kota (Raj.) - 1

Ph. 2324354 / 2451713 (O)

3102044 / 3106649 (Mob )

 (Corporate Office) 


Utkarsh Sharma (Chief Executive)


The Security Service

Task is a leading provider of contract manned grading services to major corporation, government agencies and a wide range of industrial and commercial customers.

The company's services including Manned Guarding Service, Executive Protection, Event Security Management, Canine Squads, Cash Management Services, Investigations.

Recruitment & Training


Every local Task office implements our corporate recruitment strategy with customization to meet local needs. Prior to deployment of our Task guard at a customer's facility, the guard is made undergo through a strict regime of recruitment, internal and external verification, training and counseling. Training and development begin when employees start working for Task and continue throughout their tenure with our organization. Training forms the core backbone of our organization. Regular training courses customized training capsules and on the job & on site training programs ensure that our human resources are more than adequately equipped to meet the customer's expectation. With our groups high priority focus on training, TASK GROUP has embarked on a project of establishing India’s only accredited and affiliated security training institute named ‘Task Security Training Center’ at Kota.

Task Group With Delegates

Task Group With Cinema Stars


The world is rapidly changing and in an increasingly dynamic work environment, business enterprises must act to reduce the growing risks of the modern world. Today, terrorism, social unrest, kidnapping and extortion are the realities of doing business. Here in India, threats uncommon only ten years ago now dominate are issues all corporations are currently facing or may face in the future. High-ranking individuals must also address new threats stalking, extortion and violence against executives rise across the nation. To combat the risk encountered by businesses and individuals, both in India and in abroad, TASK is prepared to deliver proven security solution to our clients when and where they need them most. We have developed extensive security systems for preventing and responding to yours worst nightmares. TASK has been providing superior protective services to high-ranking individuals, corporations and celebrities in times of duress. We have answered the call of our clients in their time of need, no matter where in India or what time that need may have been. Our executive protection Squad comprises of trained experienced and capable law enforcement, military & unarmed combatant professionals who all bring years of public and private sector experience to the aid of our customers.

Contact Us :-

"TASK GROUP" Mandu Complex, Agrasen circle,

Nayapura, Kota (Raj.) - 1 Ph. 0744 - 2465270(O), 3102044(Mob) e-mail :- tasksecure@yahoo.co.in

(Corporate Office) 

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