Want Your Products to Sell?


If you have some unique products to sell, we can help you to market your products to the Local and international market. Add your items at our website and sell on the Internet without leaving your home or office. Expand your business by featuring your products. Sell directly to the customers and save your valuable time for creative work. Join hands with us and reach the new markets.

If interested, get in touch with us and send detailed information about your products along with the photos and prices of your items. click here


Here we offer you banner advertisement on our Home Page and other pages. Which are linked to your website or web page that will design on KOTAlive.com. These banner are put on highly visited pages of KOTAlive. It is designed

to attract the attention of the visitors and then divert them to your websites.

Over 80,000 hits on KOTAlive, we give you a great business opportunity. Your banner advertised through us, which would be hyper-linked (Linked on clicking) to your site.

Banner Designing 
You have a FREE
offer for the banner advertisement. Designing of banner advertisement are executed by highly trained professionals of ITG. You like to place your banner for more than three months, We design this banner FREE, text, information and photographs are provided by you. click here

Banner Size 
Here Eight types
of banners are available. With size of each banner and applicable charges are shown below :-


Low Cost Advertisment of KotaLive.com


Home Page  : Rs. 2000.00 /month
Other Pages : Rs. 1000.00 /month

Low Cost Advertisment of KotaLive.com


Home Page  : Rs. 4,000.00 /month
Other Pages : Rs. 2,000.00 /month


Low Cost Advertisment of KotaLive.com


Home Page  : Rs. 5,000.00 /month
Other Pages : Rs. 2,500.00 /month

Low Cost Advertisment of KotaLive.com

350x80 banner

Home Page  : Rs. 15,500.00 /month
Other Pages
Rs. 13,000.00 /month

Low Cost Advertisment of KotaLive.com

650x80 banner

Home Page  : Rs. 20,500.00 /month
Other Pages
Rs. 18,000.00 /month

Low Cost Advertisment of KotaLive.com

200x50 banner
Home Page  : Rs. 6,000.00 /month
Other Pages
Rs. 3,000.00 /month

Low Cost Advertisment of KotaLive.com


Home Page  : Rs. 9,500.00 /month
Other Pages
Rs. 4,500.00 /month

Low Cost Advertisment of KotaLive.com

200x100 banner

Home Page  : Rs. 7,500.00 /month
Other Pages
Rs. 4,000.00 /month

In case you do not have your website, You can have the "ITG Team" develop your Homepage / Website with highly caliber. Offers you the most economical way to attract your target audience.contact us


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