Photo Gallery

 Chamble River                                              Some Natural Views         

Photo gallery

 Ramgarh Sanctuary Shergarh Sanctuary National Gharila Sanctuary Jawahar Sagar Sanctuary Sita Mata Sanctuary Bhainsrorgarh Sanctuary    (More photo are coming soon)


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  Programs 09/02/08 : 10am- Inauguration at Ummed Stadium   10:15 am - Dear Dawil Show at Ummed Stadium

                               11am- Heritage Walk at Ummed Stadium   11am - Aero Sports at Ummed Stadium

                10/02/08 : 06am to 11am Water Sports at Kishore Sagar (Jag Mandir)

                11/02/08 : 10am to 06pm Rose Show at C.B. Garden.  11am to 02pm Army Water sports and Army

                               Band at Kishore Sagar                            03pm to 05pm Water Sports at Kishore Sagar.


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Chambel river near Kota City.

Chambel river from top of stone area.

Green Chamble near Garadiya Mahadev.

Chambel water on Kota dam at Kota city.

A beautiful picture look from Chambel garden.