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Kota Doria Saree

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 For Kotaonweb.com Presents Kota Doria Saree with UNIDO

The tradition of this weaving has been traced back to the times of the Mughal Emperor Aurangjeb, (about 1665 A.D.), when ‘Dorias’ were woven at quite a few places, but the tradition could stay alive only in Kaithun and its nearby villages, thanks to the marriage route of its spread, each girl getting a loom as  part of her ‘dowry’, as a source of livelihood for the whole family. However, today only 1/5th of the total looms survive due to the onslaught of power loom fakes!


Kota Doria weaving activity started approximately 200 years ago when the weavers of Kaithun, a small township near Kota, Rajasthan, were engaged in weaving of coarse plain fabric. At the later stage, the then prince of Kota State gave some silk yarns to the weavers for using it in the fabric. The result was a unique square-check pattern, the ‘khat’. Since then, Kota Doria has undergone a long journey from being used as a ‘pagri’ (headgear) to sari and now even ladies suits and other products. Today, this activity supports at least 2500 weaver families, working on their looms in their own houses. It is thus a part of the tradition of fine handloom weaving in India 





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