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Rajasthan Cyber Law

Raj. Cyber Law  
Rajasthan State Government hereby makes the following rules;
1. Responsibilities of the Cyber Cafe Owners.- (1) The
owner of the Cyber cafe shall take sufficient precaution so that
computers and computer systems in the Cyber Cafe are 11O'tused
for any illegal or criminal aCtivity.
. (2) Cyber Cafe OwnerlNetwork Service Provider shall ,,"ot
allow any Dser to use his Computer, Computer System and lor
Computer Network without the id~ntity of the User being
established before him. The intending user may establish his
identity by producing any Photo Identity Card Issued by any
school or College or a Photo Credit Card of any bank or Passport
or Voters Identity Card or PAN Card 'issued by Income-:1,'ax
authorities or Photo Identity Card issued by the ,Employer or
Driving License to,the satisfaction of Cyber Cafe Owner.
'(3) After the identity of the User i~ e,stablished,the owner of
the CYberCafe or the manager or the attendant or on his behalf any
authorized person managing the Cyber Cafe shall obtain and,
maintain the following information in ~he Log Register for each
user: More Detals click here or Contact Us